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Why should you consider buying a silk pillowcase?


A good night’s rest can be rejuvenating for the body and soul, but what if a pillowcase change made us wake up with clearer, smoother skin, and luscious hair? Our experts asked to know whether sleeping on certain fabrics will help our hair and skin. We discovered that silk pillowcases and copper pillowcases are the latest must-have beauty tools. Research has shown that silk-like pillowcases can help acne-prone skin. Although more research is needed to confirm this, a recent clinical trial demonstrated a reduction in pimples for participants . Who used silk-like pillowcases as opposed to those who used conventional pillowcases. 

When the cotton comes into contact with pimple-prone skin, it can further exacerbate acne by causing more inflammation. It may be better for people with acne to choose silk pillowcases as they absorb less moisture and dirt. Secondly, silky pillow covers are suppose to be milder on your tresses. While there is no reliable research on this, the logic that explains silk on the skin may also apply to silk on pieces of hair. Silk’s nonslip surface could prevent damage to blowouts, prolong the sleek appearance of blowouts, and prevent snarls. If you have dry hair, silk may also leech less moisture from your hair.

Benefits of silk pillowcases:

  • Doesn’t chafe your skin: While sleeping, we rest our heads on our pillows for hours on end, and even if we’re not aware of it, rough textile pillowcases can contribute to dry skin. The texture of silk pillowcases is soft on your face, helping you wake up looking fresh. There is no possibility for dryness, redness, acne, or sleep creases without silk pillowcases! When we go to sleep at night, nearly all types of pillowcases tend to accumulate a substantial amount of dust, bacteria, and fungi that we all inadvertently transfer to our faces. Due to its natural fibers, silk is hypoallergenic, so mold, dirt, and other allergens can’t accumulate on its surface, possibly contributing to your skin problems.
  • non-moisture absorbent: In addition to its natural hypoallergenic characteristics, silk is one of the few fabrics that do not absorb moisture. This protects your skin from bacteria and mold build-up that can cause odors and skin problems as well as make your skin look younger. Besides being soft on your skin, silk is also soothing on your hair. Because it is smooth, you don’t need to rub your hair against a coarse fabric while you sleep, preventing split ends, tangles, and damage.
  • Temperature regulating: Silk pillowcases will help you sleep comfortably regardless of the season. Silk’s temperature-regulating qualities and breathability make it the perfect fabric to sleep in no matter what the weather is. An important aspect of a silk pillowcase is its seamless construction. This eliminates the possibility of puckering or stitching holes on the final product. In addition to this, the fabric’s smooth texture prevents your hair from getting tangle and your skin from getting scraped during the night.

Pick one out for yourself and get that beauty sleep you need. Mulberry silk pillowcase are the unlikely game-changer in your beauty routine.