What is minimum deposit of BDSwiss?

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The BDSwiss-Broker is a service provided by Banc de Swiss, which has been providing its customers with a wide choice of binary options trading opportunities since 2012. Trading in forex currency pairings and CFDs has been added to the service, which was previously confined to binary options. The operating business behind BDSwiss, Banc de Swiss, has its headquarters in Cyprus, which is why it is regulated by CySEC, the Cypriot regulatory authority. 

The broker is closely monitored by the regulatory authorities for compliance with different regulatory requirements, such as ensuring a deposit guarantee of 20,000 Euros per investor or double accounting for corporate assets and customs.

BDSwiss is a well-known online forex and CFD broker with customers from all around the world. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and is completely regulated by the FSC and the CySEC, both of which are official regulatory bodies.

BDSwiss Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit at the BDSwiss-Broker is either 100 Euros, 100 US Dollars, 100 British Pounds, or 200 Euros, 200 US Dollars, and 200 British Pounds, depending on the account model chosen. As a result, the broker provides a wide range of potential traders with simple and straightforward access to binary options trading.

When compared to other brokers, the incredibly low minimum deposit is useful, especially for newbies to trading, as it removes any hurdles to acquiring early trading experience. Furthermore, this assures that even experienced traders will feel at ease on the BDSwiss platform and may consider transferring to this broker if necessary. Various account models are available to choose from once the potential investor has made the minimum deposit of 100 Euros, 100 US Dollars, or 100 British Pounds. You can choose from the following (basic) account models:

the Traditional-Account (100 Euros, 100 US-Dollars or 100 British Pounds minimum deposit)

the Invisible Account (200 Euros, 200 US-Dollars or 200 British Pounds minimum deposit)

While the Basic-Account is designed for beginners, the Black-Account provides a plethora of additional features that should appeal to seasoned traders and professionals in the sector. In terms of fees, there are substantial variations between the two types of accounts, with the Black-Account being significantly less expensive (which therefore has a higher minimum deposit). 

There are also three other unique account models available:

  • VIP-Account (3,000 Euros, 3,000 US-Dollars or 3,000 British Pounds minimum deposit)
  • RAW-Account (5,000 Euros, 5,000 US-Dollars or 5,000 British Pounds minimum deposit)
  • InvestPLUS-Account is a type of investment account that allows you to invest in a (5,000 Euros, 5,000 US-Dollars or 5,000 British Pounds minimum deposit)

The VIP-Account is more likely to be ideal for low-cost indices trading. On the other hand, the RAW-Account provides a variety of performance information, preferred trading alternatives, and exclusive access to free webinars. Finally, the InvestPLUS-Account provides free dividend payouts on long holdings, personal customer service, and over 1,000 tradable assets.


In comparison to other suppliers on the market, the BDSwiss-Broker provides a cost-effective and diverse selection of deposit and withdrawal alternatives to its consumers. The high level of client orientation highlights the diverse portfolio. Individual account models are automatically assigned to potential traders based on their account balance, ensuring that they can always start with the Basic-Account. The BDswiss minimum deposit is not only cheap but also customer friendly.