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Welding Certification – Automotive ICAR Checks

Welding Certification – Automotive ICAR Checks

I-Car is a not for profit coaching business for the Automobile collision business.

Portion of I-CAR’s schooling programs require qualification checks for welding on vehicles. With modern day vehicles utilizing uni-body design and style, it is critical for any weld fix to be structurally sound.

I-Auto presents 3 welder qualification exams at approved tests websites across the United States:

  • Fuel Metallic Arc Welding (GMAW) Test for aluminum
  • GMAW exam for Steel
  • Structural Metal Parts

GMAW Aluminum Examination welds required

3 welds are demanded…a fillet welded lap joint, a plug welded lap joint, and a butt welded joint with backing. These welds are designed on two distinctive aluminum alloys and on 2 different thicknesses of aluminum.

The aluminum alloys are: 5052-H32 and 6061-T6. The thicknesses are 1mm and 2.5mm (.040″ and.100″)

All 6 welds will have to go visual inspection exams and damaging tests.

GMAW test for Metal

The welding exams are finished employing 18 ga steel. There are 4 welds essential for this welding certification:

The 4 welds are a fillet welded lap joint, a plug welded lap joint, a butt welded joint with backing, and an open butt welded joint.

Welding Certification for Structural Steel Parts

The welding examination utilized for the structural welding certification take a look at is the exact same sort and thickness utilized for the I-Vehicle Metal GMAW (MIG) Welding Take a look at. the exam is carried out using a simulated structural part.

There are 2 joints demanded: a butt welded joint with backing, and an offset fillet weld. Plug welds are also utilized for a total of 30 welds. To pass the welding test, the welds need to pass visible inspection and the total size of the component should be within a sure tolerance. Its a distortion check alongside with a remaining a welding certification examination.

I-Vehicle makes an attempt to build some standardization in weld repairs in the automotive sector.

That seems like a very good matter.