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PGA sutures are more stronger and flexible sutures than other sutures used in the medical field. Before we start discussing the benefits and tips of buying PGA surgical sutures from the polyglycolic acid suture manufacturer, it’s important to know what actually surgical suture is.

Sutures are the stitches used to seal the wound of the patient. The sterile thread is used by the surgeon to stitch the wound or cut. 

Now let’s discuss PGA suture in detail.

Mentioning the benefits of polyglycolic acid surgical suture:

Below-given are some benefits offered by the PGA surgical suture:

  • Better tensile strength: Polyglycolic acid suture is being used all around the world because it provides better tensile strength as compared to the other surgical suture used. Being a time-tested absorbable suture it can survive for at least 15 days in the oral mucosa. It has been seen that the initial tensile strength of the PGA suture is more than that of silk. 
  • Offers flexibility: PGA surgical suture is considered best for the fixation of soft tissues in the body. It is made of milled threads helping to increase the chances of a patient’s survival. The cross-section of the PGA suture is equipped with a smaller cross-sectional area, allowing flexible suture in place. 
  • Reduces the risk of infection: The surgical suture made up of polyglycolic acid which is a synthetic and braided polymer reduces the risk of infection in the area which is wounded. When compared with other sutures, PGA is more resistant to bacterial contamination.
  • Help to heal the wound: Polyglycolic acid sutures are considerably used by surgeons to heal the wound of their patients at a faster rate. PGA sheets are used with fibrin glue spray as an open wound healing agent in oral surgery performed on soft and hard tissues.

Mentioning the tips to buy polyglycolic acid surgical sutures:

Below-given are some vital tips that should be considered before buying the PGA surgical sutures:

  • It is important to go to the manufacturer who can provide polyglycolic acid surgical suture having enhanced tensile strength as it is the vital property required for better functioning of the sutures.
  • The next characteristic that a polyglycolic acid surgical suture should have is that it should be made with synthetic fiber to avoid the risk of infection around the affected area.
  • The polyglycolic acid surgical suture which can be broken down with the help of hydrolysis is considered the best suture to be used medically. In the procedure of hydrolysis, water is added to the suture.
  • Polyglycolic acid suture made up of braided polymer helps the surgeons to properly stitch the wound and healing of the wound also takes place within a few weeks. Therefore, go to the manufacturer providing braided PGA sutures.
  • Before buying the polyglycolic surgical suture, see if it is properly packed and sealed because usage of unsealed PGA sutures can cause infection to the patient. 

Bottom Line

The polyglycolic acid and surgical sutures are used for different purposes such as general surgery, plastic surgery, skin closure, gastrointestinal surgery, gynecology, and many others. Therefore, it is essential to buy appropriate PGA surgical sutures.