The Return on Investment of Professional Real Estate Photography for Agencies

In a digitally-driven society where real estate is booming, professional photography plays a transformative role in aiding real estate agencies to increase sales. Many top-tier agencies are realizing the power of quality visuals and are investing in professional real estate photography editing. It’s reported that listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views. Moreover, found that listings with high-quality photos can sell for up to $11,200 more than market value.

One standout in the field of professional real estate photography is SmartPHOTOeditors, a company providing advanced image-augmentation services. Below, we examine the return on investment (ROI) that real estate agencies can expect from employing professional photography services.

Real Estate Photography

What is Professional Real Estate Photography?

Professional real estate photography involves capturing compelling images of properties for use in marketing campaigns. A good real estate photo is much more than a simple click of a shutter. It involves understanding angles, lighting, editing, and even the psychology of potential buyers.

For instance, SmartPHOTOeditors offer services like image enhancement, panorama stitching, color cast removal, and sky change, among others. These editing capabilities provide a realistic yet visually stunning representation of properties, attracting more potential clients and positively impacting agencies’ sales and growth.

The ROI of Professional Real Estate Photography

There are few areas where the adage ‘you need to spend money to make money’ holds as true as in real estate. Here’s how professional real estate photography increases ROI:

Increased Property Views

As per PR Newswire, listings with professional photos have a 47% higher asking price per square foot. They tend to attract more viewers, leading to quicker sales. Furthermore, properties with professional photos get 61% more views online, implying a broader audience and a higher chance of selling.

Higher Sales Price

The Wall Street Journal reported listings with sharper photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076. By providing striking, accurate images, agencies can drive up property value and turn a higher profit.

Faster Sales

According to a study by VHT Studios, homes shot by professional photographers sell 32% faster, reducing time on market. Less time on the market translates to fewer maintenance costs for sellers, and quicker commissions for realtors.

Addressing Potential Concerns

Despite the promising return, real estate agencies might be hesitant due to the upfront cost of professional photography. It’s critical to view these services as valuable investments rather than costs, given the enhanced public perception, faster sales, and higher prices they facilitate.

Professional real estate photographers like SmartPHOTOeditors use sophisticated  software, alongside their artistic skills. The output of their work — crisp, appealing photographs — significantly increase the perceived value of a property and lure more potential buyers.

Brand value is immeasurable. High-quality images can directly contribute to building a brand’s image and credibility, making an investment in professional real estate photography an investment in the brand itself.


In conclusion, professional real estate photography offers real estate agencies substantial ROI. While it might require an upfront expenditure, the long-term benefits — quicker sales, higher sales prices, and increased brand value — are indisputable.

Investing in quality photography services like those offered by SmartPHOTOeditors can not only improve the presentation of individual properties but also significantly contribute to brand development. Far from an incidental consideration, professional real estate photography is becoming a cornerstone of many agencies’ marketing strategies — a testament to its effectiveness and profitability.

With the growing digitalization and competitive nature of the real estate market, agencies looking to stay ahead should seriously consider allocating part of their budget to professional photography.

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