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The Pros of Gigabyte Motherboard

The Pros of Gigabyte Motherboard

GIGABYTE just released the newly designed Intel P965-based motherboards. Not only are they the first motherboards on the market to offer 1333MHz FSB natively, but they also come with several industry-leading features that set them apart from the competition.

While the majority of GIGABYTE P965 rev 1.0 / 2.0 boards can support 1333MHz FSB with the current BIOS update, GIGABYTE has made several hardware modifications to get the most out of these next-generation processors. To begin, GIGABYTE has modified the FSB routing design to increase signal quality for Intel quad-core processors as well as 1333MHz FSB CPUs. The FSB impedance has been decreased from 50 to 42 ohms by widening the traceroute. This impedance means that the electrical signal traveling between the CPU and the FSB encounters less resistance, increasing signal speed and enhancing signal quality.

Various Benefits of Gigabyte Motherboard are listed below

  • Native 1333MHz FSB Support: The key characteristic of the GIGABYTE motherboard is that it supports the next generation Intel CoreTM 2 Duo processors with a 1333 FSB. Because the 1333MHz FSB is natively enabled, no overclocking is required to get the most out of these modern processors.

While not yet available on the market, Intel’s next-generation CoreTM 2 Duo CPUs are poised to be an overclocker’s best buddy, boasting some amazing performance numbers. While I would love to show you the benchmarks, you will have to take my word for it for the time being.

  • Power Design: GIGABYTE motherboards also have a 6 phase and above power design, which allows for more consistent power and immediate current to be delivered to the CPU and RAM during intense system tasks like overclocking. Increasing the number of phases also helps to lower working temperatures, which improves not only system stability but also component lifespan.
  • Quality: GIGABYTE has adopted higher quality covered flat chokes on the motherboards, which are industry-leading in quality. This not only prevents the chokes from damage but also protects the other components on the motherboard from magnetic flux leakage caused by the choke, improving the motherboard’s stability.
  • Enhanced Multi-Media Experience for Vista Premium: GIGABYTE motherboards all meet or exceed the Vista Premium criteria, thanks to dedicated hardware design and a thorough validation procedure. GIGABYTE, for example, has doubled the number of audio capacitors on its motherboards to provide the best possible rich, high-definition audio experience.
  • GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Design: The GIGABYTE Ultra Durable design, which includes All-Solid capacitors from the world’s finest manufacturers, is standard on all GIGABYTE motherboards. This not only extends the life of systems in daily use while improving system stability in extreme situations, but it also allows users to benefit from improved electronic conductivity for improved system performance.

All the above-listed factors add up to the efficiency of Gigabyte Motherboards. The GIGABYTE P965 Series motherboards also provide flexible memory support settings in the BIOS, which considerably increases the boards’ overclocking capability, especially when utilizing a processor with a 1333MHz FSB. The gigabyte motherboard price is also reasonable and pocket-friendly and sets it apart from its counterparts.