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Wisconsin GOP’s impeachment threat against state Supreme Court justice is

Wisconsin’s April 2023 state Supreme Court election was historic. It was the nation’s most expensive judicial race ever, with over US$50 million in total spending, and it broke turnout records for an off-cycle spring election. Janet Protasiewicz, a Milwaukee circuit court judge and self-described progressive, won an 11-percentage point victory, shifting the court’s ideological balance […]

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Critics condemn New York prosecutor’s threat to close supervised drug sites | Ne

A warning by New York’s top federal prosecutor that the Department of Justice may seek to close two supervised drug consumption sites in upper Manhattan has been condemned by activists looking for solutions to America’s devastating opioid epidemic. Damian Williams, the US attorney for the southern district of New York, said the centers, that allow […]

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Microsoft calls blockchain domains ‘the next big threat’

“The next big threat” is how Microsoft’s latest annual security report characterizes domain names written into a distributed ledger maintained across a constellation of computers instead of stored in a traditional, centralized registry. Storing domain names on a blockchain can make them difficult to shut down or even trace to their owners. It also leaves […]

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