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Athletic Greens’ Kat Cole embraces blockchain as part of ‘ownership economy’

Founded in 2010, Athletic Greens built its business through traditional partners, creators, influencers and thought leaders.  Now, the nutrition company is gearing up to take the “ownership economy” concept into the next generation — with blockchain, the technology fueling the surge in popularity of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also known as Web 3.  “It’s […]

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The odd couple: how Germany’s Greens embraced business

Announcing her campaign as the Green party’s first-ever candidate for chancellor in April, Annalena Baerbock did not start her speech talking about rescuing rainforests or endangered animals. Instead, she offered to help save German business. Baerbock’s “pact with industry”, aimed at supporting the country’s businesses through the climate change transition, reflects just how much her party’s […]

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