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What Is a Blockchain and How Does It Work? Definition & Applications

Blockchains are public-facing and unalterable, so they are a way to facilitate and store digital transactions. Shubham Dhage via Unsplash; Canva Contents What Is a Blockchain in Simple Terms? A blockchain, at its most basic level, is a digital ledger of transactions stored on many different computers (called nodes) that are linked by a network. […]

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Masahiro Hara Takes Aim: The QR Code Inventor Builds Post-Pandemic Applications

There’s a small red sign at the foot of the steps leading to the Haiden pavilion of Futarasan-jinja, a Shinto shrine founded in 782 by a Buddhist monk. We are in the heart of a cedar forest in the sacred mountains of Nikko. Before going up to pray to the kami, the spirits of the […]

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blockchain A Case Study in Blockchain Applications for Sports

In the News In August, the professional soccer universe was turned on its head as superstar Lionel Messi signed a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain, ending his 21-year association with F.C. Barcelona. The Argentine Superstar announced he would be signing a two-year contract with the option to extend to a third year, which would pay […]

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Sure, there’s hype. But blockchain has concrete space applications

SAN FRANCISCO — Since it burst onto the scene with Bitcoin, blockchain has been linked with other cryptocurrencies, digital artwork and extraordinary energy consumption. The heart of blockchain, though, is a distributed ledger with important applications for the space sector. Space companies, academic researchers and government agencies are exploring how distributed ledgers can make supply […]

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