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Rights court agrees to hear French prostitution law appeal

The European rights court said Thursday that it would hear an appeal by sex workers against a French anti-prostitution law which they say has shattered their livelihoods and driven them underground. Sex workers technically operate legally in France, but the country in 2016 moved against their clients by outlawing the purchase of sexual acts in […]

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Kayla Giles’ attorney argues in appeal that news coverage tainted jury pool for

LAKE CHARLES — Kayla Giles was tried in the court of public opinion before her trial even began, and her trial attorney was negligent in not asking for a change of venue, according to Giles’ current attorney. Jane Hogan on Tuesday argued Giles’ appeal of her Jan. 29, 2022, conviction in the murder of her […]

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B&F Magazine

The Strange Appeal of Shelter TikTok

The apartment appears in flashes as a song by Frank Ocean plays. We see a white couch with throw pillows: white squares, pink square, ocher orb, black square. Later come quick cuts: to a standing bookshelf (white spines only), to the throw pillows again, to a transparent coffee table (an opportunity, really, to show off […]

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