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Skills and expertise of a SharePoint developer | ARC

In this blog post, you’ll discover the skills needed to be a successful SharePoint. SharePoint development is not just about code. We use a mix of different technologies and method

The knowledge they have of the features is not all that needs to be customized. There are some other attributes that help make a great leader. We are going to talk about a few of the skills that a SharePoint development services provider should have.

A SharePoint Developer must have all the tricks

You don’t want to interview someone who doesn’t know SharePoint. They need to know it, or they’re wasting your time. Hiring a SharePoint developer will most likely turn into a failed project for you. SharePoint is an odd beast and even someone who has all the required skills will have a hard time implementing your project.

Get help from someone who uses SharePoint with you to help make sure your site can get up and running quickly. You’ll need someone who has experience with all the Windows tools for creating web pages, forms, workflows and more.

A developer needs to know how to work with Business Connectivity Services, Master Pages, Apps, Pages, User Stores, Windows Workflow Foundation, SharePoint, and others. The SharePoint Object Model (OM), SharePoint Designer, Visio, InfoPath, Visual Studio, PowerShell, and Office 365 are powerful tools for building solutions and automating processes in SharePoint Online.


I just said you must have the right skills for SharePoint, not that you can’t get them after the fact. If you are building a custom app or developing in SharePoint, this is the starting point for learning SharePoint and getting your feet wet.


If you already know the basics of PHP, then this book will take you much farther than you’d expect. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand how to develop SharePoint solutions.

 REST API and jQuery

Windows offer a vast number of apps that you can use to accomplish what you need. InfoPath is a very basic program. You can use it to create very basic forms. However, if you need or just want something more advanced, or customized, then you will need to apply your skills with the REST API and jQuery to get the job done.


Scripts can be run in a few different ways. Get your “customization” to live with your JavaScript skills.


For your websites and the compatibility that comes with IE10, HTML5 knowledge is a must for a SharePoint developer.


If you’re trying to give your SharePoint site a makeover then you will need a SharePoint developer with CSS skills that can override the SharePoint default styles.

You must be familiar with the End User’s Experience

SharePoint developers don’t always get enough credit for the role that they play in helping develop other people’s solutions and products. When you’re building a custom solution, don’t worry too much about the underlying SharePoint architecture. That’s what the SharePoint Foundation (or Enterprise) is for!

This is why a SharePoint development consultant shoud must have some creating thinking because it is important in end-user document management, sharing, etc. SharePoint developers need to have an ear for diagnosing end users’ problems, the ability to prescribe the right solution, and then ultimately determine the right combination of methods using the skills discussed above to deliver the right features.

You should guide Users in Document Process

Your diagnosis and prescription are valid, but you have to convince your end users to take your prescription. A customer service representative is an integral part of the sales process. They need to understand the product and have the necessary knowledge to effectively answer questions and resolve issues. This book teaches them what to do.

Patience is the key

SharePoint is an amazing tool that should be included in any developer’s arsenal. It’s not just the places where custom code is needed that require you to alter your techniques to fit SharePoint’s framework.

The best developers are the ones who know when to leave their normal coding mindset and follow SharePoint’s rules. This is especially true for those who are not currently developing in SharePoint. It’s difficult to do what you love in an environment full of obstacles. Don’t let SharePoint discourage you—it will just get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Get started today!

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Final Words:

To be in SharePoint development you must be able to satisfy all the business-related needs regarding SharePoint data management and communication. Al Rafay Consulting always focuses on the increased productivity of the business operations at as little cost as possible.

We have an expert team of SharePoint developers who is always in control and know what they are doing to give the best output through this amazing online tool. If you want any assistance regarding SharePoint development, feel encouraged to contact our team.