Show The Indianness Buy Georgette Chiffon Saree

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Buying georgette chiffon saree

 Sarees are considered one of the classiest clothes and a very beautiful outfit that goes well with every occasion. The georgette chiffon saree is more durable and stronger than chiffon, whereas silk saree loses shape faster over time than silk georgette. Chiffon is a flimsy material with a good luster compared to Georgette, but being delicate and thin, one needs to use many layers or be worn boldly. Since it is not a choice to wear something as bold at social events, it is better to choose a georgette material. Many women prefer chiffon sarees due to their soft-feel fabric. It is also light in weight which makes it easier to carry at any formal or official event. One thing that is important to note is that chiffon georgette sarees have a sheer, transparent fabric, and when held under a magnifying glass, it looks like a fine net or mesh. It also feels rough and looks like a net only. There are slight puckers in chiffon due to the different alternating types of twists. It can also irritate at times, which must be kept in mind when wearing pure chiffon georgette sarees. 

Difference Between Georgette And Chiffon

Although both the materials might seem a lot similar, there is a great deal of difference between both of the materials. Some of the basic differences between georgette chiffon saree have been listed below:

  • Georgette fabric is a bit dull compared to chiffon as chiffon has a nice shine due to its net-like structure.
  • Georgette is an opaquer fabric than chiffon. It makes it easier to carry than chiffon.
  • Chiffon material provides a softer feel as compared to Georgette.
  • Georgette can be a little heavier than a chiffon saree when compared in terms of heaviness and weight.
  • Since chiffon is so sheer and lightweight, it is most likely to suffer wear and tears very easily compared to a georgette saree.
  • When worn, georgette sarees give you a more ethical look due to their designs, whereas chiffon sarees are supposed to look more exotic and fresher in the finish.


Georgette fabric holds dye nicely, and the natural off-white color of silk can be dyed with various hues and patterns. Georgette fabric has some bounce and gives as a result of the weave and tight yarn twists. When choosing between fabrics, it depends on the style you carry and the occasion so that both fabrics can be worn alternatively. But when buying things online, it is better to invest in trusted and famous sites only. When buying pure chiffon georgette sarees online, it is better to buy material and whole cloth which can be stitched according to your size later as the pre-stitched materials may need extra alterations, which increases the expenses further. If you can’t choose a particular color or design from the wide range of products provided there, you can search for celebrities or models that may have carried the same looks, which you want to achieve.