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How To Maximize Your Helltide Farming Gains While AFK In DIablo 4 Season 4?

How To Maximize Your Helltide Farming Gains While AFK In DIablo 4 Season 4?

In this guide, we will share the best AFK methods for Helltide farming to allow you to effortlessly earn unlimited amounts of items or Uniques with Greater Affixes. You don’t need to spend more time on boring farming and dungeon runs, all the work is done for you by other players.

In addition, a huge Helltide bug has just been exposed, and we will tell you how to exploit this bug to maximize the loot you harvest.

So if you have problems earning loot and Aberrant Cinders, don’t miss this guide. Without further ado, let’s get started.

AFK Farming Method

So, as you might imagine, we’re going to be playing a Minion Necromancer for this, but we’re going to be executing some really special strategies to make it work.

Gear & Build Choices

First, I want to clarify that you don’t need any high end gear to do this. Most of my equipment masterworked only 8 out of 12 times and I have a lot of cooldown reductions, which would be an absolute waste for an AFK build.

So generally any Minion Necromancer build will do, I’m personally using a slightly modified Shadow Minion Necromancer Endgame Build.

DIablo 4 Season 4 Minion Necromancer

I’ll start with the newest addition to the build. You should use the newly added dogs which you can get as pets. Pets were released a few days ago with the release date announcement of Expansion Vessel of Hatred, so they are relatively new. You need pets to automatically pick up Aberrant Cinders for you when you are AFK.

Next, we need a Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul which drops from Varshan, which automatically uses some of your abilities. Obviously, we want to take advantage of this. Besides these 2 Minion skills, we also want to put Corpse Tendrils and Corpse Explosion on the bar. This way we can automatically use these skills even when we are in a cinematic.

Other than that, I recommend using some Legendary Aspects:

  • Protecting Aspect: Helps you survive when your health is low.
  • Undying Aspect: Get more healing.

Even if you don’t use the second Aspect, your Blood Golem will heal you pretty quickly.

Increase Your Survivability

Also, your fire resistance and armor should be capped, and if you have them, a Tyrael’s Might chest piece will greatly increase your survivability after that. Tyrael’s Might isn’t necessary, though. After that, you should get as high a health as possible with gems and gear.

After everything is set up, all you have to do is enter Helltide, move to the summoning Ritual, and leave. You can watch a movie, eat, or go out while this is happening.

At this point, your character will not die from any of Blood Maiden’s attacks, including fire circles. I must remind you, though, that you should return to the computer before the loot disappears or before you disconnect after being away for about 30 minutes.

Collecting Loot

When you return, pick up valuable loot, and thanks to your loyal pup, you’ll have plenty of Aberrant Cinders, which you can use to open Tortured Gift of Mystery Chests.

Of course, you can also ignore Cinders and come back, loot all Diablo 4 items or items with Greater Affixes, and leave again. It’s that simple.

Making Caches

But if you don’t have enough time and energy to fight any monsters, then you can also try making a cache to get the items you need for your alt, which only costs a few materials and some Diablo 4 Gold.

Making Caches

Note that this may be useful for characters with a lot of equipment slots, and the pieces of gear in these equipment slots are very bad and need to be replaced before entering Capstone Dungeons or other endgames.

First, your character needs to be between level 20 and 50. Only characters in this range can use this option, so if you are above this level, you are not eligible.

Next, you have to visit Alchemist with that character, and from there you can choose Transmutation, Leveling, and finally Allowance Cache. This will cost you some materials and a large sum of Diablo 4 Gold, the exact amount depending on your character’s level.

You can make an unlimited number of these Caches as long as you have the materials to make them. A Cache can contain any Legendary item and is guaranteed to contain only one Legendary item. But as far as I know, it won’t contain unique items. Afterwards, you just open Cache in your inventory, and you’ll get your new Legendary item.

Unfortunately, the high gold cost makes it not worth it, especially since you can’t choose where you want the item to be, so I think it’s less efficient than Helltide farming with your alt.

But there are rumors that the developers will increase the amount of gold players can get, so this method may become viable. So it’s definitely something to keep in mind while leveling.

Exploiting This Helltide Bug

Finally, I want to talk about a huge Helltide bug that just got revealed, and people are exploiting it right now, so if you want to exploit it yourself, do it quickly because it may be nerfed soon.

Recently, many players have discovered that Helltide bar in the upper right corner of the screen is always full, it doesn’t decrease at all. This means that monsters will appear on us for no reason at all regularly so that we can get more loot, Aberrant Cinders, and other things.

Now this bug is very easy to reproduce, all you have to do is go to Helltide, start killing monsters like normal, and fill up Helltide bar over time. It may take a while to fill it up, so be active running around in Helltide and participating in activities until it fills up.

After the bar is full, it will start to decrease. All you have to do is leave the game when the bar decreases, but it’s not empty yet. So you have to leave the game when the red part of the progress bar is narrowing, but the progress bar is not completely empty yet.

Now, this may be easier for some classes because monsters will spawn on you when you try to leave the game, so I recommend defeating a group of monsters first and then leaving as soon as possible.

After leaving the game, you must immediately log back in with the same character. As you can see, the progress bar does not decrease, but stays full while Helltide is active, so you can kill more monsters and get more Cinders and loot than usual.

Legendary Farming Guide

Even if this Helltide ends and you enter the next one, the progress bar will remain full, so you don’t have to do this trick again. It will only reset when your character dies.

You can also use this to speed up the leveling process of your alts, or get more Iron Wolves Reputation. Monsters will even spawn above you during Blood Maiden Boss fight.

So there you have it, some tips and tricks to help you farm legendary items quickly while AFK. Mastering these tips will help you get all the necessary items as quickly as possible and take your build to the next level!