How to find Chicago dog bite attorney

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 How to find Chicago dog bite attorney

In Chicago and the rest of Illinois, nearly everyone has owned a dog or lived next door to someone who did. Even if we have many wonderful, loyal, and friendly pet memories, some dogs can turn aggressive and bite. An experienced dog bite attorney in Chicago can assist you in pursuing total compensation after a dog attack.

Dog Bite Laws in Chicago

Chicago dog bite attorney will tell you that you need to know the state’s laws on dog bites before you can hire one. It helps you ensure that you are protected by the law regardless of the circumstances.

The time limit is the first piece of information you need. Dog bite cases in Illinois must be filed within two years. Chicago attorneys generally won’t be able to aid you if you were bitten more than two years ago.

Whether or not you provoked the dog is an additional factor. Illinois has no legal options if a dog bites you because you pressed it. It’s crucial to consider this when assessing your legal alternatives after an assault.

Last but not least, think back to where you were. Trespassers whose dogs bite would have no legal recourse, even if the dog is on the owner’s property.

A dog bite victim in Chicago can file a lawsuit and seek compensation under the state’s Animal Control Act. Damages are recoverable from the dog’s owner under the law if they meet the following criteria:

  • Actual ownership of the animal by this person.
  • Your actions did not provoke the dog.
  • To all appearances, you were a calm and collected person.
  • It was perfectly within your rights to be where you were standing.

If you show the following four facts, you can sue the dog’s owner for damages related to the assault, including medical expenses, ongoing care, pain and suffering, lost wages, and disfigurement.

Furthermore, you may still be able to collect from the owner’s insurance company, even if this is the dog’s first attack or bite. This sort of thing is often covered by general liability coverage in most homeowners’ insurance policies.

The insurance company may try to blame the victim for the attack, so having a Chicago personal injury lawyer on your side is essential if you want to collect.

Finding the Best Lawyer for the Case

After deciding to bring in the pros, there are still some things to consider. It’s unrealistic to expect every lawyer to take on your case. It’s common for law firms to specialize in a particular field.

Your real estate attorney may not be interested in or qualified to handle your injury case. It’s possible that the attorney hired after a car accident doesn’t represent people whose animals have been injured.

Finding a lawyer with experience representing people who have been the victims of dog bites is crucial. Feel free to inquire about the outcomes of similar instances and the amounts of compensation obtained for clients whose dogs also bit.

Every circumstance is unique. In addition, comforting to know you are represented by someone familiar with the laws of your jurisdiction regarding animal assaults and with a track record of success on behalf of their clients.