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Gb Sciences and Michigan State University Researchers Have Identified the Complicated Truth Behind the Opportunity for an Effective Cannabinoid-Based Coronavirus Treatment

Gb Sciences and Michigan State University Researchers Have Identified the Complicated Truth Behind the Opportunity for an Effective Cannabinoid-Based Coronavirus Treatment

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Gb Sciences’ collaboration with MSU has received media coverage across the country, starting with an interview from WLNS-TV in Lansing, Michigan, and interviews with Gb Sciences in the magazines ‘Cannabis Business Times’ and ‘Hemp Grower’

Gb Sciences

Gb Sciences
Gb Sciences

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following the promising study on cannabinoids and COVID-19 published by Oregon State University, Gb Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX), a leading plant-based biopharmaceutical research and development company, has advised that the truth behind how cannabinoids and terpenes work in therapeutic mixtures is more complicated than has been reported in the popular press. Gb Sciences’ study with Michigan State University (MSU) has yielded preclinical data demonstrating that specific compounds and ratios of those cannabis compounds are likely to be required for cannabinoids to be used to treat COVID-19 symptoms.

Gb Science recently reported additional study data that supports the potential of cannabinoids as a treatment option for hyperinflammation resulting from COVID-19. Gb Sciences and an MSU researcher evaluated the potential for cannabis-derived compounds to suppress immunological responses that contribute to COVID-19 symptoms. Their study and conversations have received media coverage across the country based on an interview with the MSU researcher that broke from WLNS-TV in Lansing, Michigan, and interviews with Gb Sciences in the magazines Cannabis Business Times and Hemp Grower.

In the WLNS-TV interview, Norbert Kaminski, Ph.D., a researcher and professor of pharmacology and toxicology at MSU, reported that his partnership with Gb Sciences has explored the potential for certain compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant to decrease the human inflammatory responses to COVID-19, but that this specific drug will still need time to be studied to validate both the types of compounds and their specific ratios in mixtures that will successfully battle hyperinflammation triggered by COVID-19.

“By adding these various mixtures, and different combinations, we’re able to assess whether those compounds are effective in potentially helping people resolve breathing problems that are associated with the virus,” said Kaminski.

The study is in its early stages but, in the WLNS coverage, Kaminski said both teams are hopeful about its progress thus far.

“It really is the only kind of plant that I’m aware of that makes these molecules,” Kaminski said.

Gb Sciences recently reported positive proof-of-concept data from this state-of-the-science human immune model studied at Michigan State University. The data supports the use of Gb Sciences’ proprietary cannabinoid-containing complex mixtures (CCCM) in reducing hyperinflammation. Gb Sciences’ CCCM were designed for the suppression of COVID-related cytokine release syndromes (CRS) while preserving key antiviral immune responses.

As reported by the Cannabis Business Times, the research team at Gb Sciences announced that one-third of the proposed cannabinoid-containing formulations seemed to dial back the body’s natural immune responses while still maintaining proper cytokine levels to continue managing the infection. These promising results are being prepared for publication.

“We are thrilled about the progress of the study. We have dedicated countless hours to researching the practical applications of cannabinoids in therapeutic mixtures, and we are now starting to see that effort translate into successful test results,” said Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, President and Chief Science Officer of Gb Sciences.

“It’s not like this is going to happen immediately, but we’re focused on developing these novel anti-inflammatory therapies because there’s a growing need due to the new coronavirus variants evolving and spreading,” Small-Howard says. “But the same hyperinflammatory mechanism is how a lot of viruses end up being so damaging to humans. It’s a kind of therapy that, once we have some good therapeutics tested, we can keep these new treatments in our back pocket for the next time a pandemic comes along because they target the immune response to a virus and not the virus itself.”

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About Gb Sciences and GbS Global Biopharma

Gb Sciences, Inc. is a plant-based biopharmaceutical research and development company creating patented, disease-targeted formulations of plant-inspired therapeutic mixtures for the prescription drug market through its Canadian subsidiary GbS Global Biopharma, Inc. The “plant-inspired” active ingredients in its therapeutic mixtures are synthetic homologues identical to the original plant compounds but produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Gb Sciences’ novel drug discovery platform has yielded five issued U.S. patents and three issued international patents, as well as 21 U.S. patent-pending applications and 42 international patent-pending applications. In its drug development pipeline, the company has four preclinical-stage programs and its lead Parkinson’s disease therapeutic program is being prepared for a First-in-Human clinical trial.

In addition to Parkinson’s disease, Gb Sciences is developing therapeutics for COVID-related cytokine release syndrome (CRS), chronic pain, anxiety, depression, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), and heart failure. Gb Sciences’ productive research and development network includes distinguished universities, hospitals, and Contract Research Organizations. To learn more, visit

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