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DFI Is Listed in CommonWealth Magazine’s 2021 “Fast 100”

DFI Is Listed in CommonWealth Magazine’s 2021 “Fast 100”

TAIPEI, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic around the world has triggered a series of technological and financial wrestling, and restarting the growth momentum of enterprises at this moment has become an arduous challenge. CommonWealth Magazine uses 2020 revenue in the range of 100 million to 10 billion and three consecutive years of profit growth as the screening criteria. Industrial computer leader, DFI, has a revenue of NT$8.35 billion (equivalent to 300 million U.S. dollars), an annual increase of 18.8%. Due to these good results, DFI has been ranked amongst the Fast 100 in CommonWealth Magazine for two consecutive years, and ranked ninth in revenue.

CommonWealth Magazine, founded on June 1, 1981, is Taiwan’s first financial-oriented professional news magazine. In 2007, CommonWealth Magazine became the first financial news media in Taiwan to launch an English-language website. In the years since, it has presented stories of Taiwanese companies, and industries as well as Taiwan’s political, economic, and social environment to the world through comprehensive and in-depth reports while providing news with a perspective.

DFI joined the Qisda Group in 2017. In 2019, DFI acquired AEWIN to expand into the cybersecurity business, and Ace Pillar to expand diversified & comprehensive solutions, specializing in smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, and intelligent transportation systems/infrastructure. According to a research report released by TrendForce in July, in the first half of 2021, DFI ranked third with a revenue of NT$5.28 billion (equivalent to 186.7 million U.S. dollars) and a 25.2% YoY increase.

“In recent years, in response to the trend of edge computing, industrial computer products have been widely used in the field of Internet of Things and becoming an important key to accelerating the introduction of artificial intelligence technology. The industrial Internet of Things and digital healthcare are growing rapidly. With 40 years of experience and with the strength of the Qisda Group, the rapid growth has deepened the supply chain’s recognition of DFI. This allowed DFI to continue to be listed in the Fast 100 of CommonWealth Magazine,” said Steven Tsai, President of DFI.

Founded in 1981, DFI is a global leading provider of high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries. With its innovative design and premium quality management system, DFI’s industrial-grade solutions enable customers to optimize their equipment and ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and 24/7 durability in a breadth of markets including factory automation, medical, gaming, transportation, smart energy, mission-critical, and intelligent retail.

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