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Crypto-Bike: Colnago Debuts First Blockchain Security to Thwart Thieves

Crypto-Bike: Colnago Debuts First Blockchain Security to Thwart Thieves

Colnago partners up with MyLime to fit its 2022 stable with a new class of security: antitheft blockchain technology. The tech will debut at the 2021 UCI Road World Championship on Sunday, aboard Tadej Pogačar’s brand-new V3Rs.

Starting in 2022, Italian bike maker Colnago will fit all of its team and production models with blockchain security. The innovation, it says, will ensure valid proof of ownership for all Colnago frames. From the sound of it, blockchain bike security is a lot like old-school bike security — on steroids.

It’s the first cycling brand to adopt the antitheft measure, which uses RFID tech to link bikes to MyLime’s cloud-based ledger. As a bonus, each first owner will receive an NFC (non-fungible token) copy of their bike (a concept my midterm millennial brain has not fully grasped).

“We have been looking at the security provided by blockchain technology to give our customers the confidence to know that the frame they are buying is authentic and to demonstrate the chain of ownership forever,” Colnago head of marketing, Manolo Bertocchi, said in the announcement.

Colnago Blockchain Bike Security Tech

colnago blockchain security bike detail

Colnago makes the RFID tag inextricable from the frame by embedding it within the downtube. The tag will connect each bike to the Automotive Blockchain ledger. The ledger, accessible by anyone via MyLime’s platform, will hold unalterable records about the frame’s manufacture, transport, and sales history.

MyLime’s smartphone app will grant access to the information in the bike’s digital passport. When a new owner purchases the frame, that person can manage the transfer of ownership with MyLime’s certified process. And because MyLime distributes its cloud-based storage, the data’s integrity is guaranteed — a registered bike’s records can’t be faked or redacted (allegedly).

UCI World Champs Premiere

colnago blockchain security bike fire & ice V3R

The technology will premiere on the world stage Sunday, Sep. 26, when Tour de France champ Tadej Pogačar races the 2021 UCI Road World Championship. Pogačar will ride Colnago’s latest V3Rs, which bear “Ice & Fire” graphics designed by the Slovenian rider himself. Each special-edition V3R will head for the auction block as part of Colnago’s launch next year.

Learn more at Colnago.

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Crypto-Bike: Colnago Debuts First Blockchain Security to Thwart Thieves