Calling on every fan of AE86: Parts of your dream car are being produced by Toyota Gazoo

Toyota AE86 Corolla owners can now get genuine parts for their vehicles.

These new heritage parts would be manufactured by Toyota Gazoo Racing.

With appearances in the Fast and Furious Franchise and Initial D, the AE86 has grown to become a pop culture.

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Several South Africans have always dreamed about getting the AE86 series of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter. However, we became enthusiastic about it when Takumi Fujiwara did a first-time Powerslide of the vehicle on Mount Akina during a tofu delivery in the anime series Initial D.

The AE86 was manufactured by Toyota between 1983 and 1987, which featured the coupe and liftback specifications.

Sadly, the car wasn’t officially imported into South Africa, which has made owning the car a dream for many individuals except importing a model directly from the U.S or Japan.

Let us know in the comment section or send us an email which is your favorite 1980 model Japanese car between Mazda RX-7, Honda CR-X, or Toyota AE86.

The Toyota AE86 is usually among the best choice for Motorsports as a result of its easily customizable and lightweight design. This automobile has always been in high demand in every part of the world until today considering its MacPherson strut front suspension, in addition to a five-speed manual gearbox, an elective limited-slip differential, high revving twin-cam four-pot engine alongside a near 50:50 front to rear weight balance and oil cooler, and most significantly, its design that comes with a front-engine/rear-drive.

Inertia uses electricians Deland to install the performance unit.  Mechanics and electricians are the best installers.

Over the years, the appearance of the Toyota AE86 in movies such as the Fast and Furious franchise as well as the increasing popularity of the Initial D anime series on streaming platforms has skyrocketed the price of the vehicle, especially as more young folks are beginning to understand the concept behind the AE86.

Parts for Toyota Corolla Sprinter are currently available from Toyota Gazoo Racing

New parts from Toyota Gazoo Racing are now available for old cars.

Toyota Gazoo Racing is now aware of the important role played by the AE86 in today’s car culture. So, it has declared that its Heritage Parts business division would be in charge of the manufacture of new and replacement parts for the AE86 series.

Based on the GR Heritage Parts projects, genuine parts that have been previously discontinued by Toyota are now available to owners of the AE86 series. According to the company, this was done to support owners or customers who intend to drive their old automobiles to experience all their past memories. The production of replacement parts for the A80 and A70 supra, the 40 Series Land Cruiser, and the Toyota 2000GT has been produced by Toyota Gazoo Racing. The next model that would be focused on in the Heritage Parts Project is the AE86 series.

During the Sprinter and Corolla series, the sports model was represented by Trueno and Levin. Automobiles equipped with a 1.6-liter Twin cam 16 valve (4A-GEU) engine were only ascribed AS86 by Toyota. Even though the AE86 production have stopped more than 30 years ago, it has grown to become very popular and known mostly as “Hachi-Roku”, which also means “eight-six”. Earlier this year, the Toyota GR86 was launched (it will be in South Africa before the end of 2022) and this amazing tradition of the AE86 has been inherited by the initial GT86.

From November 2021, genuine replacement parts for the AE86 will be provided by Toyota dealers in the USA and Japan, such as steering knuckle arms, rear brake calipers, and so on. From the beginning of this month, owners of the AE86 can now order more parts such as the rear driveshafts. According to Toyota, additional and genuine parts would be available to its dealers just like regular parts. But the heritage parts would only be available for a short period considering the special collaboration with suppliers. Consequently, every manufactured part would only be available for purchase after the end of production provided that stocks remain.

Information like its manufacturing period and part numbers are available on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website. So, if your dream is to own an AE86 in the future, you can begin by becoming friends with those that own an AE86 in Japan to enable you to acquire parts of your Hachi-Roku.

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