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Best Cocktail Making Masterclass in Melbourne


Cocktail-making classes in Melbourne are a popular activity for both young and old, groups and individuals. If you want to learn how to mix the perfect cocktail then look no further than our Cocktail Making Classes in Melbourne. We offer cocktail-making classes for everyone from absolute beginners right through to professional bartenders wanting to brush up on their skill sets!

Cocktail Making Class Melbourne

At Social Events Melbourne, we provide the best cocktail-making classes in Melbourne. Our experienced mixologists will teach you everything you need to know about cocktail making and how to make a variety of different drinks.

Cocktail Making Classes are a great team-building activity or an ideal birthday party idea for anyone who loves drinking cocktails and wants to learn more about them. Our cocktail-making class is also perfect for hen parties, corporate functions or just having fun with friends!

Our cocktail making masterclass will teach you how to make the following cocktails:

  • Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Vodka & Cranberry Juice)
  • Tequila Sunrise (Tequila & Orange Juice)
  • Mojito (White Rum, Lime Juice & Sugar Syrup) – Negroni (Aperol/Campari/Sweet Vermouth) – Blood Mary Martini (Vodka/Tabasco Sauce/Pepperoni Salt Flakes) – Champagne Rosemary Spritzer (Champagne/Rosemary Sprig).

Cocktail-Making Classes Melbourne

Melbourne is the best place to take a cocktail-making class. Our sessions are fun and interactive, with you getting hands-on experience learning how to mix your favorite cocktails. We provide all the necessary equipment for you to make your drinks during the session, so no need to worry about bringing anything in!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bartender, our teachers will guide you through every step of creating some awesome drinks. During each lesson, they’ll introduce new techniques and tricks that will allow anyone to become a master mixologist! Our classes are great for groups of friends who want to learn together or even perfect dates where couples can try something new together!

Our team has traveled around Australia finding amazing venues where we can hold our classes so wherever it is in Melbourne that you live or work (or if it’s just somewhere close by), we’ve got something available close by too – check out our list below:

cocktail making masterclass

The best cocktail-making class in Melbourne is at Social Events, the ultimate experience for anyone who loves food and drink. Our masterclass is a 2-hour session where you learn to make 2 cocktails from scratch using different techniques, with an experienced bartender teaching you along the way. Enjoy a range of different flavors while learning all about what goes into each drink and why it tastes so good! You can even keep your personalized cocktail book as a reminder of your time spent with us!

There are three levels available: beginner level (for those who have little-to-no experience), intermediate level (for those who have some experience), and advanced level (for those looking to perfect their skills). Each class teaches something new so no matter which course you choose there will always be something fresh waiting for you when you arrive!

cocktail-making class melbourne

Melbourne is the cocktail capital of Australia, and it only makes sense that you should learn how to make some of the best cocktails in town.

So what are you waiting for? Get your cocktail-making class Melbourne ticket now!

cocktail-making classes melbourne

We provide cocktail-making classes in Melbourne, South Yarra & CBD. Learn how to create the perfect Cosmopolitan or Tequila Sunrise with our Cocktail Making Masterclass.


Cocktail Making Classes in Melbourne is the perfect way to learn how to make cocktails. Our cocktail classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced bartenders. All our bartending classes feature hands-on experience in front of a live audience! The cocktail-making masterclass is perfect for parties, corporate events, or just for fun with friends.